Meet the Lab Group!

Profile PictureHannah M. Aird, Ph.D.
Hannah Aird is an Assistant Professor in the Geological and Environmental Sciences department, CSU Chico. Hannah’s research and teaching interests are in intrusive igneous petrology, economic geology and the interactions of fluids with rocks. She applies field studies, petrography and geochemical techniques to study how fluids interact with rocks and their role in ore deposit formation.

img_1345Sommer Casady
Sommer’s M.S. thesis involves the detailed mapping and petrographic characterization of the Golden Dome deposit, Antelope Valley, CA.

Andrew Guglielmo

Andrew’s undergraduate research involves using a variety of methods to unravel the host rock of the altered rocks at Golden Dome.



Former Lab Members

img_20161112_142111-1Ceara Purcell
Ceara’s undergraduate thesis involved integrating petrography, EDS and WDS analyses to characterize the precious metal-bearing assemblages of the different mineralized zones of the Ann Mason deposit, NV.

Andrew Napier
Andrew’s undergraduate project involved producing a field trip guide to the Coast Range and Klamath Mountain region of northern CA and southern OR. This field guide was tested by the S2017 GEOS 402/403 class and the re-edited version has become a permanent feature of the course.

Nancy De Witt
Nancy’s undergraduate project involved integrating petrography and EDS analyses to characterize the precious metal-bearing assemblages of the Bn-Cp zone of the Ann Mason deposit, NV.